The CLSME Vision

To be amongst the most impactful MSME support brands in Africa. We are committed to the realization of SDG goals 1, 4, 8, and 10.

The CLSME Mission

To enhance business management capabilities amongst MSMEs to increase their chances of growth and reduce their risks of failure.

SMEs Impacted
Dedicated Volunteers

CLSME Impact

The proof of our impact is in how quickly we’re spreading our reach from a mere 100 beneficiaries when we started in Lagos in 2018 to over 4,500 across multiple cities 5years later.

We constantly strive to expand our capacity to accommodate more beneficiaries due to the increasing demand for our Bootcamp and mentorship sessions annually.

What we offer MSMEs

  • We help you identify unapparent business lapses so you can plug them quickly and scale your business in specific areas that need your attention.
  • A blossoming and safe community genuinely dedicated to the growth of entrepreneurs.
  • Micro funding to community members and leverage technology platform to make the funding intervention more sustainable
  • We provide pro-bono legal services, consulting, capacity enhancement, coaching and mentorship hub, accounting services etc.
  • SME Advocacy: we are at the forefront of promoting the interests of MSMEs, either by pressuring the government or leveraging media channels
Our Speakers and Mentors

4th Edition Speakers

  • LAGOS SME BOOTCAMP - Temitope Runsewe
    Temitope Runsewe
  • LAGOS SME BOOTCAMP - Adebola Williams
    Adebola Williams
    CEO, RED
  • Adewale-Bakare
    Adewale Bakare
    Senior Supervisor
    Lola Esan
    Advisory Services
  • LAGOS SME BOOTCAMP - Odion Aleobua
    Odion Aleobua
    CEO Modion Communications
  • Eweniyi Odun
    Eweniyi Odun
    Co-Founder PiggyVest

Why do SMEs Need Help

At Caladium Lagos SME Bootcamp, we are committed to the realization of SDG Goals 1, 4, 8, and 10.

By continuously developing business management-oriented initiatives and seeking funding opportunities to support the growth of micro-, small- and medium-sized businesses and reduce their risks of failure.

In line with this target, CLSME has a bias toward MSMEs in the production and processing sector given the ripple effect they have on employment and the economy.

Watch some of our media features.

Media Features

2020 economic outlook for businesses in Nigeria projections.

Ayo Bankole, co-convener sharing insights about the 2020 business and economic outlook for Nigeria at AriseTV

The Great Lockdown: Impact on small businesses.

Nancy Nnaji hosts Ayo-Bankole Akintujoye & Nkechi Oguche on the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on small businesses.

Enabling Policy, Clusters, Key To Boosting MSME Growth In Nigeria.

Enabling policy environment that supports the entire MSME value chain from Micro to Medium enterprises built on Niche Market.

SME Community


  • The #LagosSMEBootcamp keeps making a difference in the life of SME owners in Nigeria 

    Kunle Awolowo
    Founder, Aaron Grooming
  • It was an absolute honor to come first place and TJL Signature is truly grateful for the opportunity to be recognized and supported in our small business.

    Temitayo Johnson
    TJL Signatures
  • I am proud of hardworking Nigerians and particularly those thriving to improve our society. I believe that building businesses will help us solve our nation’s enormous job challenges. I, therefore, feel very strongly about the importance of SMEs as they provide more than 90% of jobs in most economies. I am therefore proud of you for your tireless efforts to support SMEs.

    Arunma Oteh
    Former Treasurer, World Bank & DG SEC
  • It was a privilege for @safebellefoods to participate in the business pitch competition at the #ibadansmebootcamp organized by @ayobankolee and the @lagossmebootcamp team. We are honored to emerge as the first runner up and Safebelle Foods do not take this for granted to be recognized and supported in our small business.

    Alice Adeyeye
    Safebelle Foods
  • I was live at #LagosSMEbootCamp where I learnt so much about business and how to scale. I also met with people of value. I never knew @AyoBankole was that funny and thanks for putting this together sir. Coming from Akure down to Lagos was worth it!

    Treasure Ibok
    Partner, Agatha Sickle Cell Foundation
  • If the #LagosSMEBootcamp charges for subsequent meets, I will pay.

    A. Onafuye
    Founder, CV Loft Africa

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